Jennifer Felton


Hi! My name is Jenn.
I have had a passion for hair since I was 8 years old. Knowing at that time being a hair stylist was what I wanted to do. But as life unfolded, I found myself at the age of 39, a mom of two amazing boys, in a successful career in business management. Enjoying all life has to offer, yet I felt I could be doing more to live my best life. Having an aha moment, I decided to flip my life upside down to follow my dream of being a hairstylist.
After extensive research, I chose to attend the Grassroots apprenticeship program. For one-on-one instruction and advanced Aveda custom color education. The education I am receiving from my instructor and Master stylist Sierra Hadfield has been above and beyond expectations. I look forward to continuing to develop my knowledge and skills as a stylist.